Jinan XYZ
Machinery LLC
Jinan XYZ Machinery LLC has been manufacturing CNC Router and laser machines since 2005. The Company has its own outstanding product development team comprising of professional engineers and research technologists with a long industry experience.
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Jinan XYZ Machinery LLC

Add: No.12,XiangGong Park, Guodian Town, Licheng District,

Jinan, Shandong, China. P.C. 250109

Tel.: 0086-531-82664477

Fax.: 0086-531-82964477

Email: exp@xyz-tech.com

Skype/WeChat: xyz-tech

Technic service: support@xyz-tech.com

Complaints: 0086-18605314795 & admin@xyz-tech.com


XYZ Germany

XYZ Machinery GmbH

Add: Am Hummelbach 36, 41469, Neuss, Deutschland

Tel.: +49 02137 9277747 / 02137 9277744 /02137 92770 

E-mail: info@xyzcam.de